Meet Our Faculty

Mrs. Rinku Jain

BSc – Zoology (University Topper – Pune University), MSc. (Medical Biochemistry), B.Ed.

Paper published in Clinical Journal of Biochemistry (2003)

Having 15 years of teaching experience from kids to College students of Physiotherapy students, she has an impeccable understanding of individuals’ personality. She believes in inculcating good study habits in students to nurture them in self-discipline, Time Management, and Intellect development. She is dedicated and committed to making the children independent, adaptable and also give them a positive boost in life.

Mr. Upkar Jain

B.E. (Electronics), MBA

He is having wide exposure in the telecommunication industry. His 13 years of corporate experience is helpful to the students to create a vision for their future. His motto of life is to bring smile and building confidence in students by helping and sharing knowledge with them. He is the supporter, guide, and mentor to the students. At Institute, he ensures each and every student is getting personalized attention and building a positive attitude. Besides giving direction by his expertise, He is a role player in Administration, Conduct of classes and curriculum Planning and Management of networking. He teaches Science to class 8, Maths to class 8, 9 & 10. He also teaches Social Science to students of class 8, 9 & 10.

Academic Faculty

Mr. Sunil Yadav : B.Tech. (Computer Science) 

In his 8 years of teaching experience, he believes that success comes when a student is clear in his fundamental. He is a hard working & resourceful faculty with IIT aspirants. A sharp mind, logical & helpful faculty for competitive exams. He has cleared multiple entrance exams like SSC-CGLE, IBPS-PO, IIT to name a few

Mr Nitin Kaushik : M.Sc. (Chemistry)

He is having 9 years experience. With Solid Fundamentals & clear concepts, Chemistry classes under his guidance are very easy to understand and pave the way for high scoring in it.

Mr J B Singh : M.Sc. (Mathematics)

He has 12 years of teaching experience. He is expert in explaining the complex concepts in a very easy way.

Mr Gagan Gupta : B.Sc.(H) (Physics)

He has 6 years of teaching experience. An Expert in Physics who teaches Simple to complex concepts in a very easy way.

Mr Ashwani Kumar Rajput : B.Tech (Computer Science), GATE Qualified, M.Tech (Computer Science), Sr Software Engg at IT MNC, Gurgaon

He has 8 years of IT experience & 5 years of Teaching Experience. He is expert in Front End & Back End Technologies Like Core & Adv Java, HTML5, CSS3, Object Oriented Java Script, AngularJS, etc.

Mr Sachin Kumar : M.Sc.(BioTechnology), B.Sc.(H)(BioTechnology), GATE Qualified, Pursuing Ph.D in Microbial BioTechnology

He has 5 years of experience in Research & Teaching at Amity University. His Expertise lies in Life Science, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, BioTechnology.

Non Academic Faculty

Yoga : Mrs Rajni Mishra :

Her contribution to yoga is commendable. She believes the healthy mind lives in healthy body. A student can better concentrate by yoga practices. She makes yoga a lively experience for children by explaining benefits and importance in the life.

Art & Craft : Mrs Rashmi Rajan :

She is full of innovative & creative ideas. Carving out Best out of Waste and very common things is integral part of her personality

Drawing : Mrs Nilima Sinha :

With her charming personality she teaches drawing to children and makes it very interesting for them. She is insightful & Imaginative to make drawing interesting. She believes that drawing help the children to bring their thoughts live.

Cooking Without Fire : Mrs Madhu Goswami & Mrs Neelam Tewari :

They are mother chef for the student. They have innovative & Insightful ideas and simplify complex processes of cooking into simple steps to suit the need of children, even of 5-6 year old. They also teach the student, the impact of healthy diet.

Stitching & Fabric Painting, Embroidery: Mrs Suman Singh & Mrs Meenakshi Raj :

By their excellence they teach basic stitching & embroidery to children. They believe that painting & embroidery bring patience & creativity in students