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CBSE has announced Datesheet for Class 10th & 12th Board Examinations 2018. The date sheet for class 10th is given below


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  1.  Only class 10 Syllabus will be included.
  2.  No Semester System: Board exams will take place at end of the year.
  3.  100% Syllabus: No division of syllabus for SA I and SA II. Full syllabus exam once at the end of the session.
  4.  Marks will be awarded: Like class XII 9 Point Scale will be used for grades and also marks will be awarded.
  5.  80 Marks Exams: Now board exam will be of 80 Maximum marks for all subjects.
  6.  33% passing marks: Now students have to score 27 or more to out of 80 to clear the exam for each subject.
  7.  20 Marks Internal Assessment: Formative Assessment is discontinued.
  8.  Periodic Tests: 10 Marks of Internal Assessment are from periodic tests. Total 3 tests will be conducted in an academic year for each subject. Average  of best two will counted in Internal Assessment out of 10 marks.
  9.  Three periodic tests will be premid, mid term and post mid term. Course of these will be cumulatively covered. It means Mid term course will include  course for pre-mid term and Post mid term will include course for Midterm Test.
  10.  Notebook Submission: 5 Marks of Internal Assessment are from notebook completed and checked, for each subject. Neatness is important now.
  11.  Subject Enrichment Activities: 5 Marks of Internal Assessment Subject Enrichment Activities, as follows:
  • Language 1 (English) – ASL
  • Language 2 (Hindi/Punjabi) – ASL
  • Science – Practical Lab Work
  • Maths – Maths Lab practical
  • Social Science – Map and Project.
  • FIT/ICT – Practical Exam
  1.  Sixth Additional Subject: 40 Marks Board Exam and 60 Marks Practical, in case of FIT/ICT.
  2.  Co-Scholastic Activities: No grade upscaling based on co-scholastic activities