Shaurya / Class 10

ASPIRATIONS has been a perfect destination for us to attain some quality education. At the ASPIRATIONS institute one learns how to handle problems skillfully. The faculty and all the teaching staff over here are so involved and dedicated towards making us learn. A student studying here actually gets the true essence of learning. The students are not only taught using the descriptive books but also thorough interactive electronic medium.

Here, we get the proper environment which is necessary for education. Everyone, at the ASPIRATIONS, aims for excellence and achieving something real good.

ASPIRATIONS has also made a regular check on us with special emphasis on our doubts. All the teachers here have truly aimed at solving our very own problems.

By helping, aiding, assisting and motivating us, this institute has surely provided us a platform by which we can definitely fulfill our future Aspirations.

Abhigyan / Class 10

The institute in which you get knowledge as well as manners, that institute is “ASPIRATIONS”. This institution is like a family in which we get nurtured. We are given full freedom to ask any question without any hesitation or fear. This institution provides us with extra knowledge too. We just have to focus & learn the concepts / formulas that are being teached by the teacher.

I think it is not only a tuition, it is like a family in which we not only get knowledge but also the correct methods of doing everything (sitting, posture). They take full care of own health by teaching us the defects of not obeying a certain set of rules.

The best thing about this tuition is that it welcomes every kind of doubts of students if it related to the topic. We get to learn concepts rather than memorising things.

Use of mobile phones, chewing gums, etc which affect the environment of the class is not allowed.

The teachers give separate time to improve our basic things (handwriting, posture) etc.

They also help us to memorise of recapitulate the things & provide methods to do so.

If you want a tuition to improve your basic knowledge & concepts, you should consult this tuition

MUJTABAH / Class 9

I joined ASPIRATIONS in 9th standard. ASPIRATIONS is a place which makes our dreams come true. It helps us to form base. To me ASPIRATIONS is not an institute, it is my home. We are not taught maths or science but we are taught to make our aim clear in our mind. The best part about Aspirations is that we are not only taught Maths & Science but many amazing tricks which can help us to perform better. We have discussions in class, not only based on the subjects we are studying but on thing which are part of discussions. The teachers give their 200% so that we score better. The concepts are taught with an amazing method by linking it up with the real life. The teachers are not only focussed on our studies …performance but many things apart from that like our body posture, discipline. After the regular classes we get worksheets to solve to clear our doubts and to make things clear in our mind. ASPIRATIONS for me is not an institute but my home and by coming heer we not only get education but many amazing things which will help us to be a gentleman / woman.

Shaurya / Class 9

I joined this institute in the midst of the first term of 2016. Then, I was a shy student. Now, I can say with utter confidence that now, my personality has improved manifold. The thing that sets this place apart is that even though, this place looks a little small, it opens up its arms & take you in with a big heart. Study is balanced by fun too. In this institute, the faculties work on your external as well as internal outlook to studies, be it the posture, correct lighting, extracurricular examples or the way you study. The faculty at ASPIRATIONS Institute, especially Mr Upkar Jain, take extreme care of an individual’s inward emotional equilibrium & treat every child specially. Now, I can go on and on about it, but can simply conclude in Upkar Sir’s words :- “Yaa to tum Sudhar Jaaoge, Yaa tum Sudhar Jaaoge”which will help us to be a gentleman / woman.

Pravallika/ Class 11

I am a student of ASPIRATIONS Institute of class XI. I am studying Biology, Chemistry & Physics in this institute. The head of this institute is very helpful to students who clears doubts beyond the subjects and even help in fixing schedules of studying hours. All the teachers here guide students not only for exams but even for higher studies. In this institute not only the personality of student changes but the who are not good at studies gets a habit of studying daily. I noticed a change in my personality for better from last year to this year I have enjoyed studying here thanks to the faculty and  Upkar sir…Thank You.

tum Sudhar Jaaoge”which will help us to be a gentleman / woman.

Aadya Bharadwaj / Class 9

ASPIRATIONS Institute has helped me a lot with my studies in the last two years. Teachers here are ready to help you any time. They are supportive and most importantly they are ready to entertain your doubts. Today because of this institute my concepts are very strong. The teachers here gives you ample number of worksheets followed test after every chapter because they want us to be perfect, because “Practice makes a man perfect” and this comes true here at this institute. Here knowing is not the motive, but learning is. I am not here to cover my syllabus but to gain knowledge and expand myself. Here besides your syllabus many things are being taught like grammar for your smooth and fluent English. I love to be here & study.

Aadya Bharadwaj

Akshita / Class 8

 I joined this institute in April 2016 and ever since, I have been scoring good in Maths & Science. The academics has been going well and good moral values have also been taught that make you a good person along with being intelligent. This institute has made we realise the importance of extra activities and academics.

I thank ASPIRATIONS for being a very precious part of my academic life.

Dhruv / Class 9

Hello, My name is Dhruv Jain studying in class IX. I joined ‘ASPIRATIONS Institute’ for studying mathematics. Before this I would make many silly mistakes due to which my whole answer gets wrong and I did loose my marks but after I joined this institute my those mistakes just got ‘vanished’. We are taught amazing and interesting tricks for reducing our calculation time. Also the queries are resolved properly with full attention. The study material like marksheets, test papers and books provided are really useful. Not only study but our personality is too improved here. Teachers are polite. I am really satisfied with the institute and happy about the changed that took place in me.

Jaskaran / Class 8

This is one of the Best tuition I have ever visited. Not only for academics it always tells us how to behave & gives the moral values. Its not like all the odd tuitions like just study one to two hours & go home & come again & give the test. This tuition focuses on if the person has understood the concept or not. There is not only study oriented study but how to become a successful person. It is also fun to come to tuition as sir tells about the study and some fun too.  Its not that we all time do fun but studies too. We get study from not only our books but the other books of the children present our classes. We get worksheets to strong our concepts. And the most important is not like the school  if you scored bad marks in the test no need to worry. The tuition well not rusticate you on the basis on this but they will help you to clear all the things that you don’t know. Its not a boring class. Everybody loves to come tuition & not considering it as a burden of studies.

Jatin / Class 9th

My name is Jatin Khandodiya. I study in 9th standard in Shiv Vani Sr Sec School. I join this institute on 12 April’ 2016 because I was weak in some subject like English, Maths & Science. I join the institute only for Maths & Science but here we can clear our any query in any subject. I had a doubt in chapter of Social Studies in SA-1. Now I may very clear in every subject. So, I am happy to be a student of ASPIRATIONS Institute. Here teachers are helping, caring

Khushi / Class 10th

ASPIRATIONS Institute is one of the institutes I have joined. I became part of this institute in class 9. In the second term of 9th grade, I saw a graph going up in academics. This tuition is not only good for academic purposes but also good for moral reasons. We get to learn many things which are important in life. We study in exam oriented way as well ways to solve problems in different ways. Upkar Sir keeps on counselling us about the career options available to us.

Also, the institute is very well maintained and hygienic. The best thing is that there is very disciplined environment.

Khushi / Class 10th

ASPIRATIONS Institute is one of the institutes I have joined. I became part of this institute in class 9. In the second term of 9th grade, I saw a graph going up in academics. This tuition is not only good for academic purposes but also good for moral reasons. We get to learn many things which are important in life. We study in exam oriented way as well ways to solve problems in different ways. Upkar Sir keeps on counselling us about the career options available to us.

Also, the institute is very well maintained and hygienic. The best thing is that there is very disciplined environment.

Mansha / Class 8th

About this institute – Its being 2-3 months since I have been joined this institute….I feel that this institute is very different an Upkar Sir is an amazing teacher. He teaches differently and makes us feel very comfortable and finally I want to tell that he made me very positive and he always speaks “If you think you CAN”.

Mitali / Class 8th

As the name suggests ‘ASPIRATIONS’ is not just an institute it is and ambition of achieving something, a desire, a hope and moreover a ‘WISH’. Upkar Jain the mentor of this institute, the mentor of many students, worked hard, is working hard and will always work hard for the betterment of our future. This institute has experienced staff which would be responsible for our future experience. The institute made me realised the importance of studies, scholastic and co-scholastic activities. I personally think, that this is the best platform for a student to develop his/her talent, to develop his / her capability, to develop his / her thinking skills and to design his/her future. It improved our grade and not only our grades but our way of living. It also focuses on our health issues. Thank you ASPIRATIONS for being a very precious part of my life.

Manya / Class 10th

Best institute I’ve ever gone to. The studies, their technique of coaching are the Best. They not only teach us but they also teach us how to be a good human being. From our posture to our speed, they correct everything. Our bookish knowledge as well as our general knowledge both are tested. I always have been weak on my basics and speed; our maths teacher gave me special time to help with them. Whenever I do something, even if it is a slight stupid mistake, they help me. Our maths teacher, Upkar Sir, also said us to make a timetable and send it to him and send the practice work we have done. It has helped me greatly.

Mayank / Class 9th

My name is Mayank Vashisht of class IX. I study in MDH International School. First I was very weak in Maths & since I joined here, my maths has improved and now I can do any calculation without hesitation and here the teachers are so nice. The institute also organise study camps, extra class, etc

Here they also work on our multiplication tables. On every Saturday they take our weekly teat of dodging tables, Squares & Square Roots, Cube & Cube Roots through Powerpoint Presentation. This institute’s fees is also very reasonable. They also provide help books like Xam Idea, S. Chand, U-Like. They also work on our English Grammar by providing English worksheet. This institute is so near to my home. This institute also give extra time for students. Teachers are so nice, kind & polite. If we never understand anything they teach it again. East or West Aspirations is Best

Mhualika Dhar / Class 12 C++

I am very obliged that I came here at the right time. I am learning C++ from Ashwini Sir and I  feel that now I  am able to grasp it day-by-dy. My concepts are now becoming clear and I hope if I work accordingly how Ashwini Sir tells me to do, I can easily excel. I Thank Upkar Sir to help me accordingly in providing an understanding teacher. Upkar Sir, helps us not only excel in that course but also on over-all purposes like how to study and increase grades accordingly. ASPIRATIONS is a temple of guidance, Knowledge & Learning.

Yashika / Class 8th

It has been 2 months since I have joined this institute. It is a very Motivational Institute. Most of the institutes focus on marks, but I felt they do not make any pressure on the student and make them feel very comfortable. They make students study in such a way that they start getting interests in studies. Upkar Jain Sir, has made me feel very comfortable all over the sessions. He not only makes us study maths & science but also gives us moral value for the future life. I feel very happy coming here, so finally I would like to thank Upkar sir for doing so much for me. I am now finally very motivated and also I have improved in my academics.

Vanshika / Class 10th

This is one of the best coaching institute I have ever seen in my whole life ! I have been to many tuitions but after joining the institute I started gaining self confidence. This institution gives best knowledge also extra knowledge. Also teach us about how to handle our problems in future. Upkar Sir is the best sir I have ever met. He always helps us and listens to our problems. This institute is well maintained and the students are well disciplined.

Tanushree / Class 8th

Maths is worst thing in life. That was my thought before entering this institute. I was left with just 9.5 CGPA. That was worst day when I was my name in 3rdposition on blackboard. That day I heard about ASPIRATIONS Institute. My position was “I know how to move but no one was to tell me the direction where to move”.

When I kept my first step in this institute I really thought I got a person who will show me the real direction to move. The very first day I thought “Yes I can”. For 1-2 months I started the travelling in this institute.

Now, its about 6-8 months. Now I feel like Maths. I want to do it. Recently it was my PTM. That day finally I saw my name in 1st Position (Topper). Now, I feel no one can beat me in maths. Now, my confidence level is at top.

Everyone’s God , temple all is parents. But in my case Temple is – ASPIRATIONS Institute and GOD – Upkar Jain

Paridhi / Class 9th

I started coming from October. This institute has improved me a lot and helped a lot in my studies. It clears all my doubts and queries. Studies are not a burden here. The regular tests held here are very helpful from exam point of view. It helps students to know where they stand. The teachers here are very friendly and helpful. They not only tell us about studies but also how to improve our concentration level. I am happy to be a student of ASPIRATIONS Institute.

Shrestha / Class 12 C++

I, Shrestha Kumar, a student of ASPIRATIONS Institute, has taken coaching for Class 12th . It is not just a institute it is more like a family. Always there for your help.I take classes for Computer Science (C++). My knowledge for this subject has not just increased but my overall logical and analysis thinking has improved a lot. Teachers in this institute are very supportive. They will adjust according to you. They give you flexible timings. These all are secondary things, the most important is the knowledge of the teacher. I must say, teachers are daammm amazing!!! Their knowledge for the subject is too high. It helps to clear the doubts of the student very efficiently. I must say, you should try this institute at least once. You won’t be disappointed.