Best Study Tips to Ace Accountancy in CBSE Class 12 Commerce Exam

After passing the 10th-grade board exams, many students choose to pursue a career in commerce. For students interested in this field, there are numerous bright career alternatives, the most common of which are business management, chartered accountancy, and finance. However, getting a good grade in CBSE class 12 commerce isn’t easy. With their complicated theories and equations, the obligatory disciplines of this course—Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics—present a number of hurdles to the students.

Accountancy has been identified as the most difficult of the CBSE class 12 commerce curriculum’s key courses. A thorough grasp of the subject is also required to become a chartered accountant, which most commerce students aspire to be.

ASPIRATIONS Institute provides the best strategy for accountancy preparations for the students of class 12.

Here is the proposed strategy for the class 12 CBSE accountancy students-

1. Prioritise your tasks- it is very important to prioritize the tasks for a student to extract time for education. A subject like accountancy requires additional practice and extra time for rigorous study. Hence a student should make notes and a list of tasks based on their prioritise and adhere to it for exam preparation.

2. Set a schedule- After prioritizing the tasks, a student should create a timetable and should adhere to it. The following timetable will help the student in maintaining punctuality and discipline while studying and completing the rest of the tasks.

3. Choose the right institute- Choosing the right coaching centre, especially a teacher is essential because they will help you clear the concepts. They will also help you in gaining in-depth information about Accountancy.

4. Create proper notes- A student should create proper notes on accountancy. There should be a clear understanding of the concepts that are required for a student to clear the exam as well as to gain knowledge.

5. Study from the right books- A student should read the books that will help them in gaining detailed and thorough knowledge about the subject. There are many NCERT textbooks available for class 12 accountancy students CBSE.

6. Practice is the key next- Accountancy is a complex subject and to have control over the subject a student has to practice it every day. A student should also check for the previous year’s accountancy question papers for a better understanding of the paper pattern and questions.

7. Learn the patterns- Along with the ideas, you must be aware of the formats of the Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and Journal Ledger Accounts. It is important to present them in the proper format to receive good grades in accountancy. So, you should arrange time for practicing the patterns.

8. Learn the formulas- The best approach to learning formulas is to do it the proper way. Accounting students should know correct formulas. A student can create a formula sheet to remember them properly.

If you are looking for class 12 Accountancy CBSE coaching, you should contact ASPIRATIONS Institute as we have the best and most experienced teacher for accountancy class 12 CBSE.

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