Class 11 Science Tuition in Dwarka

Best Tuition for Class 11 Science in Dwarka

Best Coaching Institute for Class 11 Science Tuition in Dwarka Sector 7 Delhi

Best Biology Tuition in Dwarka
Best Class 12 Maths Tuition in Dwarka
Best Class 12 Physics Tuition in Dwarka
Class 11 Chemistry Tuition in Dwarka
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Admission Open 2023-24

Best Coaching Institute for Class 11 Science Tuition in Dwarka for Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology (Classroom Coaching) 

We are conducting two types of courses in Grade 11

1) CBSE Syllabus:

It is focussed on NCERT Syllabus of class 11. These classes are conducted from Monday to Friday OR from Monday to Saturday depending on Batch. The Class timings are between 4 pm to 8 pm

 Regular Assignments are given to the students &Tests are being conducted to check the learning of students. We conduct extra classes as and when required. 

Best Coaching Institute for Class 11 Science Tuition in Dwarka

2) JEE Main :  

It is focussed on preparing students for JEE Main. These classes are conducted between 9 am to 2  pm on Weekends (Saturday & Sundays). Small Batch of Only 10 students ensures that each student is getting proper attention.

JEE Main Coaching in Dwarka

A student can choose Option 1 (CBSE) or Option 2 (JEE Main) or Option 3 (CBSE + JEE MAIN ).

We enroll only 14 students in a batch (CBSE) & ensure that EACH Student is getting personalised Attention. Students can do Practicals in our institute with the help of Physics Lab Equipments. It helps in Experiential Learning to all our students.


 Our Faculties

Biology: Mrs Priyanka 

M.Sc. {Chemistry}, M.Sc. {Microbiology}, B.Sc. B.Ed. 

An Expert in teaching Biology with 17 years of teaching experience. She brings biology lessons to life with real-world applications, Understands student sensitivities and differences. She has Logical way of approaching unfamiliar topics. She ensures students can learn how to relate theoretical and practical work. Her rich experience helps in strengthening the Fundamentals in students.

Maths: Mr Narender Singh

Post Graduate

 He has 15 years of teaching experience. He is Maths specialist and guides students till Graduation level. He is expert in explaining the complex concepts in a very easy way.

Physics: Mr. Gagan Gupta


In his 9 years of teaching experience, he believes that success comes when a student is clear in his fundamentals. An expert in Physics who relates the complex concepts with Real Life Examples to make them Simple to understand.

Chemistry: Dr. Annu Mudgal

Ph.D., M.Sc. {Org Chemistry}, B.Sc.(H) {Chemistry}

An Expert in teaching Chemistry with 13 years of teaching experience. She has very rich experience of teaching in Foriegn universities & in Delhi University. She has got several papers published in various Journals:

❖ Mudgal A, Pasha S*. Role of opioid receptor heterodimerization in pain modulation and tolerance development. World J Pharmacol 2015; 4(1): 144-159.
❖ Mudgal A, Pasha S*, Kumar K, Mollereau C. Dualsteric ligand of Opioid and NPFF receptors, NPYFa, induces tolerance free analgesia. Chem Biol Drug Des 2016; 87:885–894.
❖ Kumar K, Goyal R, Mudgal A, Mohan A, Pasha S* YFa and analogs: Probe for investigation of opioid receptors in smooth muscle contraction. World J. Gastroenterol. 2011; Oct. 17(40):4523-31.

Course Features: 

  • The tutors are highly experienced and have deep understanding about how to understand the needs of the individual student.
  • Test series of CBSE pattern till the final examinations.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Crash Course for syllabus revision
  • Early completion of syllabus for more revision time. Course will be completed by Dec 2023
  • Expert result oriented faculties dedicated to bring the best out of every student
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