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12 Chemistry Tuition in Dwarka

Best Coaching Institute for Class 12 Chemistry Tuition in Dwarka

Admission Open 2024-25

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Best Class 12 Chemistry Tuition in Dwarka
Class 12 Chemistry Tuition


Mr KIRTI Sahu Sir

M.Sc (Chemistry), B.Sc (Chemistry)

An Expert in Chemistry who begins with very basic & prepares the students till expert level. His class is full of Energy. He teaches with the help of practicals. He has 18 years of teaching Experience of teaching CBSE Board & JEE students.

Class 12 Science Class Schedule & Course Completion Plan

12 Chemistry Tuition 2
12 Chemistry Tuition 3

Admissions Open 2024-25

Join Best Class 12 Chemistry tuition in Dwarka in Offline mode. Apply now to get one week FREE Demo classes. If you are satisfied then join complete course. We prepare students with the help of Regular assignments & Tests. Post test discussions & Doubt classes are conducted to strenghten the fundamentals of students.

Each batch will have only 14 students so that every student gets the personalised attention.

Course Commencement:  20 Mar 2023 & 28 Mar 2023. The Course (Chapter Completion) will be completed by Nov 2023

Once the course is completed, the Revision classes are conducted alongwith Test series.

So, to experience the Best Class 12 Chemistry tuition in Dwarka, Apply for our One Week FREE Demo classes or call us at 9818737605 to know more.

Download NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Book In PDF form

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