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Offline Class Schedule - Academic Year 2023-24

Timetable 1
Timetable 2
Timetable 3
Timetable 4

Batchwise Course Beginning & Chapter Completion dates 

(To be followed by Revision & Tests)

 BatchDaysCourse BeginningChapter Completion
Class 88 MMWF03-Apr-2325-Dec-23
 8 ScTTS04-Apr-2305-Dec-23
Class 9    
 9 M AMWF03-Apr-2322-Dec-23
 9 Sc AMWF03-Apr-2324-Nov-23
 9 M BTTS04-Apr-2323-Dec-23
 9 Sc BTTS04-Apr-2325-Nov-23
Class 10    
 10 M AMWF20-Mar-2317-Nov-23
 10 Sc AMWF20-Mar-2320-Nov-23
 10 M BTTS28-Mar-2316-Nov-23
 10 Sc BTTS28-Mar-2321-Nov-23
 10 M CTTS02-May-2325-Nov-23
 10 Sc CTTS02-May-2321-Nov-23
 10 SSTMWF17-Apr-2324-Nov-23
 Class 11    
 11 Phy AMWF03-Apr-2325-Dec-23
 11 Chem AMWF03-Apr-2313-Dec-23
 11 Bio ATTS06-Apr-2302-Dec-23
 11 M ATT04-Apr-2330-Nov-23
 11 Acc AMWF03-Apr-2304-Dec-23
 11 Eco AMWF03-Apr-2327-Dec-23
 11 Phy BTTS18-Apr-2323-Dec-23
 11 Chem BTTS18-Apr-2326-Dec-23
 11 M BMWF17-Apr-2301-Dec-23
 Class 12    
 12 Phy AMWF20-Mar-2320-Nov-23
 12 Chem AMWF20-Mar-2324-Nov-23
 12 Bio ATTS28-Mar-2328-Oct-23
 12 M ATT21-Mar-2304-Nov-23
 12 Acc AMWF27-Mar-2301-Nov-23
 12 Eco AMWF27-Mar-2303-Nov-23
 12 Phy BMWF28-Mar-2325-Nov-23
 12 Chem BTTS28-Mar-2325-Nov-23
 12 M BMWF27-Mar-2320-Oct-23

Our Course Completion Schedule for classes from 8th  to 12th has been prepared based on detailed daywise lecture plan.

Chapter level tests are conducted after completion of each chapter. Assignment are given & tracked through our mobile Application.

Extra classes are conducted as & when required

After course completion; Revision, Multiple chapter tests & Complete Syllabus tests are conducted.

Our classes are conducted till final exams of the respective class

Holiday List for Academic Year 2023-24

Holiday List

Admissions Open for 2023-24

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