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Home Tuition Vs Group Tuition

This article will help you in deciding what is better for your child – Home Tuition or Group Tuition. Let’s first understand what is the meaning of each of these terms.

What is Home Tuition or One to One tuition?

When one teacher teaches a single student, this is called one to one tuition.
When the teacher goes to student’s home or student comes to teacher’s place to study, it is called home tuition. In most of the cases the ratio between teacher and student is 1:1. In some cases, it can be more like two or more siblings are studying by the same teacher simultaneously.

Advantages of Home tuition

  • Completely Customised / Personalised : student can study selected topics
  • Speed of Teaching : Can be fast/ medium/ slow
  • Tuition Time : Flexible
  • Convenience : Student save time in travelling as the teacher will come to his / her home. The class can be cancelled, the course will resume from the same topic – No loss of learning. Want to study for longer hours (2 to 3 hours), possible with home tuition
  • Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) : As the teacher is coming regularly, parents are aware of how their child is performing / lacking.

Good for students who hesitate to ask doubts in presence of other students.

What is Group Coaching / Tuition

When a group of students (more than 5) take tuition together from one teacher, it is called as Group tuition / coaching. All coaching institutes, tuition centres, educational institutes provide Group coaching.

Advantages of Group Coaching / Tuition

Standardised Processes
Speed of Teaching : Medium
Tuition Time : Most organised institutes have fixed class schedule
Extra Classes at no Extra cost
Different Students Ask Different Types / Levels of Doubts : Benefitting every student
Institutes conduct Tests / Test series
Institutes provide Study material, Sample Papers, etc
Some institute organise Career counselling sessions, other personality development activities.
To engage students, Institutes can organise parties / get together.

How to decide what is better for my child : Home Tuition or Group Tuition?

For this we need to categorise students on some parameters.

Categorisation of Students on the basis of Marks:
a) Very Intelligent Student (90% to 100%)
b) Average Student (From 50% to 90%)
c) Weak Student (< 50%)

Very Intelligent Students:

 Their Basic concepts are Clear
 They quickly understand new things
 They do self-study
 Sincere towards studies
 They want to solve higher level of questions and concepts

Their speed of study is faster than other students so they do not feel comfortable with slower speed of learning. They find that they are wasting time. One to one tuition is suitable for them.

Average Students:

 They need regular revision of previous concepts
 They understand concepts but need to put in little more efforts
 Do self-study but it is limited to complete home work and assignments given. No or vey little extra efforts are done by themselves.
 Most of them study for tests.
These students’ study with other students. These students can be groomed to score high with strong fundaments if correct guidance is given to them. They are very much suitable for Group Tuition

Weak Students:

 Their Basic concepts are very weak
 They study for parents / teachers and not for self
 No self-study
 Need to push hard to complete regular tasks in study like completion of homework
 Need one family member to sit with them for study. 100% monitoring is must for these types of students.
 Most of these students are not concerned with the test results

Home tuition is suitable for students who have following Personality Attributes:

a) If the student is Shy, hesitate to ask doubts in front of others
b) Speaks very less or too much which disturbs other students
c) Introvert
d) Weak concentration


Fees is a very important parameter to decide between “Home Tuition and Group Coaching“. Compared to Group coaching, Home tuitions are very expensive.

In Home tuition, the fees is higher compared to Group coaching.

Fees charged is dependent on various parameters like:
Class (5 to 8, 9 to 10, 11 to 12, etc)
 Subject (Maths, Sci, SST, Hindi, Psychology, etc),
 Teacher’s qualification (Graduate, Post Graduate, Ph.D, etc)
Teacher’s Experience (Fresher, less than 5 years, 5 to 15 years, etc)
 Location (City, Sub Urban Area, Village, etc – with a city varies from location to location)

For example, in Dwarka (New Delhi) a home tutor for class 9 to 10 it can be from Rs. 500 per hour.

For class 11 to 12 it can be Rs. 800 per hour.

Coaching institutes do not charge on hourly basis but just to compare, in group coaching, the fees can be Rs. 100 – 200 per hour.


So finally, if you want to choose what is best suitable for your child, you can check following points:
 Financial Condition
 Student’s Academic Capability
 Student’s Personality Aspects

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