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Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 11 Science

When the students enter class 11th, it is the first time they witness an elaborate syllabus and often gets overwhelmed by it, this makes class 11th especially science, the toughest academic year for the students. This puts science students under humongous pressure, but nothing too bad if you plan your preparation in a well thought out manner and do hard work constantly.

In this article we share with you some strategies and “preparation tips for CBSE Class 11 Science”-

Understand the syllabus- Go through each and every topic and understand the basics of each, this will help you in making an effective timetable.

Make a plan- Syllabus of class 11th science is extremely vast, you need to allot proper time to each subject and its topic depending on the difficulty level. As famously said “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Concept building- Your focus should be on strengthening the concepts and not mugging up the facts, definitions and formulae. This will help you in answering both direct and indirect questions and will help you in further studies as well.

Study material- Choose your sources wisely and with the guidance of teachers, always start with the NCERT books, and then move to the other standard books if recommended by teachers.

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Practice is the key- Mathematics is all about solving more and more questions, the more you practice the better you become.

Revise- Create a proper revision plan to retain the concepts studied. Your revision plan must include multiple revision schedules like first after 24 hours, second revision after 1 week, third after a month, fourth after 6 months.

Note making- Note making is an art which has dual benefits. It helps in cementing the topics, as you write it in your own language. It also provides you with summarized material to help you in quick revision.

Formula book- Make a small pocket size notebook with only formulae and flow charts, this will help you in last minute quick revision, thus saving your time.

Take good guidance- The vast syllabus of class 11th CBSE science needs extra personalized guidance from an experienced teacher, thus having a good mentor is extremely important to score well in exams.

Sample papers and tests- Along with regular studies, periodic assessment is also important to understand the weak areas. Sample papers help in giving an idea about the requirements of the exam, helping you prepare accordingly.

Stay away from distractions- It is very important that phones and other audio visual distractions are kept away during the time of studies.

Healthy environment- studying in a good environment helps in improving understanding and retention.

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Science is the most important subject especially for those students who have a dream of becoming doctors and engineers, thus following the above tips will help you sail through. Along with this it is equally important to get good guidance for the exams.

You can get best guidance for “CBSE Class 11 Science” at ASPIRATIONS INSTITUTE at Dwarka. We are the best institute for class 11th science tuition classes because-

  • Huge experience as we have been working since 2004.
  • We have a team of highly educated and experienced teachers. Experience ranging from 5 years to 21 years.
  • Adequate student- teacher ratio for effective studies.
  • We conduct small batches of 12 – 15 students, to facilitate individual attention to every student.
  • Regular test, to assess the progress made by the students and understand weaker areas.
  • Extra classes as and when required as some students may need extra attention.
  • Class timings are kept in a way, so that students do not have to juggle between school, coaching and self studies.
  • We have a continuous trajectory of producing toppers.
  • We keep the parents updated about the performance of their children.

Thus give your student the gift of best guidance for his/her 11th standard, as the true guidance helps carve the best mind which helps throughout life.

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