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Best Ways to Prepare for CBSE Class 9 Maths and Science Subjects for Better Results

Best Ways to Prepare for CBSE Class 9 Maths and Science Subjects for Better Results – In today’s competitive environment, it is extremely important that you start serious preparation from day one. A well-planned and consistent preparation is very effective and helps in gaining good marks in examinations.

This blog deals with how you can prepare class 9th syllabus of math and science to score well.

Understand exam pattern – It is important that you understand the system of examination, like will there be term examinations or will there be only one annual exam, and then plan your studies accordingly.

Go through the syllabus – Before starting the chapters it is important you have a basic understanding of the topics in your syllabus and the weightage each topic carries.

Make time table – Having a proper time table and following it religiously is very important, pre-decide what you will study and allot adequate time to math and science without ignoring other subjects. Make sure you have sufficient time for revision as well.

Revise – Revise the concepts as many times as possible that too in sequential order, for example you cannot understand the Laws of Motion without understanding Motion itself.

Formulae book – Prepare a separate little notebook of formulas chapter wise, this will save your time while revising.

Practice – When it comes to maths and numerical, pen paper practice is the key. Practice as many questions as you can and for the questions you don’t know try to find out the answer as soon as possible. At Aspirations Institute we make sure each student asks his/her problem confidently.

Prepare notes – Short and crisp notes are very important. They help you in revising syllabus multiple times as revising from books is very time taking. Your notes must contain flow charts and diagrams so that you do not forget to add them in your final answers.

Sample papers – Solve as many sample papers as possible with a timer, this will increase your speed and you will learn time management as well. Evaluating will help you understand your weaker areas which you can work upon.

Apart from these, the most important thing is having good guidance, as students at this age often get misguided and lose direction, for best guidance you can join ASPIRATIONS Institute at Dwarka.

  • We have been working since 2004 and have given top results year after year.
  • Adequate students teachers ratio so that each child gets attention and time to ask his/her query.
  • We have a team of experienced teachers with experience ranging from 6 years to 22 years.
  • We pay personal attention to each child, as each student has potential to become a topper.
  • Regular tests and evaluation to check the growth trajectory of students.
  • We keep the parents updated about the performance of their children.

Thus you can trust us with the studies of your child. We know that each student is different and needs different attention, and we take care of that.

Talk to our Educational Counsellor for the better guidance! 

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