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     ASPIRATIONS Institute’s Economics Club is a Platform for Exchange of Knowledge & Ideas. We discuss, we debate News articles, Economy, Interesting Concepts, we  develop our understanding on various topics. It’s a weekly activity to increase General Knowledge of participants. We 

      We analyse an event. Go beyond the words. Try to understand the reasons & its impacts. We explore how business activities take place.

        If you want to enhance your knowledge which is related to Grade 11 & 12 Commerce (Economics, Busniess Studies, Accountancy) but not the course content then JOIN us on every Sunday 10 am.

TOPICS We discussed in Previous Sessions

Consumer Behaviour, Prioritisation of Consumer Spending, Impact of Lockdown on Consumer Spending.

What is FMCG stands for?

Impact on Banking sector due to Lockdown – Cheque Bounce rate & Collections Rate

Job Losses in Smart Phone Retail chain & Impact on Expansion plans of the mobile companies

Why Pandemic has affected poor more than rich?

Poverty Line

Impact of Post Pandemic Relief measures on Elections

What is V shape Recovery?

Taking Insights out of Graphs

How people shifted their jobs and its impact on their income.

Impact of Population on Economy with China’s One Child Policy impact

Last 20 Years of India’s GDP

Maslow’s Psychological Hierarchy & Amma Canteen

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