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Career Options For 12th Commerce Students

Do you start to get overwhelmed trying to figure out all the best career options after 12th commerce? If so, what are a few ways that you can foster and work on your career options in commerce after 12th grade?

If you’ve recently completed your 12th commerce degree and have been contemplating your next step, chances are that you’re currently looking at after 12th commerce degree job posts or gathering comprehensive information about a career path online. While the optimistic view is to wait until opportunities are presented before leaping into any particular branch, it’s sometimes beneficial to consider the alternatives first.

In this blog post we’ll touch on some degree options after 12th commerce that might help you make up your mind towards which direction you want to take!

Best Career Options For 12th Commerce Students 

Chartered Accountant: The profession of chartered accountant is the best career in commerce that requires strong mathematics skills. These 12th commerce subject professionals spend their time preparing and analysing financial information. They use the information to assess what is in a company’s best interest. They report their findings to the company, management, or the investor.

Mass Communication and Journalism: Journalism is one of the most desired career options for commerce students after 12th who want to work in sales, marketing, and public relations. Mass Communication provides a multi-purpose platform and lasts throughout enduring periods of time. From print to digital technologies, communication is available in different formats and with the power of the internet, mass communications have reached the height of its success.

Company Secretary: Company Secretary is the Commerce student’s number one career option for 12th pass. If you enjoy math, data analysis, and analytical problem-solving, then the company secretary is the right choice for you. Company Secretaries spruce up company’ books by pulling historical financial statements, managing credit records, reconciling accounts, and preparing aggregated accounting reports.

Financial Analyst: With a diploma in economics, you will have some great career options for commerce students after 12th without maths. One career option for 12th pass is working as a financial analyst at a bank. Others can be just as varied, though. You could find your passion with accounting or other more specialized areas within financial analysis. Finance and accounting are certainly the largest jobs associated with professions of this type.

Bachelor of Computer Application: A bachelor of computer application major is perfect for commerce courses after 12th who prefers to work in an information technology field, someone who needs a general foundation in computing, or the person planning to go back to school but already has a degree in another field. There are a multitude of roles for the BCA who works in IT or in the online marketing industry. As their best career in commerce weaves its way through the progression, new opportunities and challenges arise.

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Summing Up

In conclusion, with the right combination of skills, anything is possible. There are many professional courses for Commerce students upon graduation. These can include jobs in the public sector, the business field, or even working in arts and culture. Many students choose degrees in secondary education and general management. Others go into other fields that require more creativity such as fashion design, graphic design, or communications work.

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