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How to Study Effectively in Science Stream for Class 11

How to Study Effectively in Science Stream for Class 11 – If you have recently cleared 10th and have taken science in 11th then this blog is for you. We will share some tips that will help you study your subject effectively, helping you perform better in exams.

Class 11th is very important as what we study now is the foundation of our 12th standard and further studies, along with this many students who have opted science plan to appear for JEE exams thus it is essentially important that you start paying attention to each concept of science from class 11th itself.

Make a schedule – It is important that you balance your studies with various other day to day activities, plan your day from morning till night, pre decide the subjects you will study in advance, allot time to each subject as per the level of difficulty.

Understand the syllabus – The syllabus of class 11th is very different from what you have studied till class 10th. The level of science is very advanced. Thus having a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of subjects is very important as the questions asked in 11th will not be direct any more. At the ASPIRATIONS Institute we start with giving basic ideas about various concepts so that the students get time to feel ease with the syllabus and do not feel bogged down by the increased level of difficulty.

Move slowly – Do not try to read a lot of topics in less time as you will get confused and it will lead to reduction in interest level. At Aspirations institute we focus on planning the lectures in such a way that the students enjoy the classes.

Start with the basic books – Many students commit the mistake of directly moving to the advanced books. Always start with NCERTs and build your knowledge base first. Notes provided at ASPIRATIONS Institute is a proper amalgamation of various books in easy language with decent vocabulary.

Mix and match – Try to take up two subjects a day, as it will not let the studies become monotonous and will keep the fire of curiosity ignited inside you.

Practice is the key – The importance of practice cannot be emphasized enough, as it makes you exam ready and helps in cementing down whatever you have studied. At ASPIRATIONS Institute we conduct tests of students at regular intervals so that their performance never experiences a downward graph.

Indulge in sports – Students must participate in their hobbies or sports as physical activity is extremely important for better mental health as it keeps the mind and body active.

Thus studying science in class 11th effectively is not an uphill task if you have the right approach towards your goal. Along with this having a good guidance is equally important, for which you should join ASPIRATIONS Institute, because-

  • We have a team of talented and experienced teachers.
  • Adequate student teacher ratio is maintained as our batches consist of 14 students each only, your child will get personal attention.
  • Timely completion of syllabus allows multiple revisions before exams.
  • We work on concept building and not simply mugging up facts.

We have a record of giving good results continuously since 2004, thus you can build a relationship of trust with us, and we will take care of your child’s future.

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