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Reasons to Choose Humanities after 10th? Career Options in Humanities

Reasons to Choose Humanities after 10th? Career Options in Humanities – The biggest confusion among students after completing 10th is the choice of stream, as sometimes there is immense pressure from parents, societal acceptance of subjects and the fear of losing friends because of choosing different streams.

The subject you opt for, in 11th builds the foundation of your future studies thus choosing the subject which is best for you is extremely important. The best criteria to select the stream is to understand your strengths, find your interest and aptitude, try to understand the subjects which you can study for next 7-8 years without getting bored.

However, the students who choose humanities in class 11th are often discouraged by their peers or by society. In this section we will discuss why you should choose humanities and how you can build a good career in this stream.

Why Opt For Humanities –

Many options – Humanities stream is wider than Commerce and Science. It deals with subjects like History, Economics, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Journalism, Psychology etc.

Wider knowledge – As you get to study many subjects you are able to have multiple perspectives on various issues. You will learn how various phenomena of society are interlinked and are impacted by each other like policy formulation, international trade, and various disputes.

Awareness – You get to know your responsibility towards the society and culture, you are able to understand your rights and duties, and you understand what government owes you and what you owe to the motherland. Thus making you a better citizen.

Explore creativity – Humanities stream gives you immense possibility of exploring yourself and your aptitude. If you are creative in certain areas like designing, cinematography, poetry, literature etc, you can easily go for it and these subjects will help you.

Promotes social justice – Humanities makes students aware and gives them rationality to question the bad customs prevalent in the society, and prepares them to take steps in future to end such customs.

Many students think that there are very limited career options after humanities like IAS or teaching but they are wrong, humanities offer immense opportunities some of them are-

Entrepreneurship – If someone is interested in economics but doesn’t like to play in numbers like that in accounts he can opt for humanities. In economics you will study the system by which goods and services are produced, how the economy runs at micro and macro level, how various companies work. Economics with understanding of sociology can help you become a great entrepreneur.

Archaeological department – If you are fascinated by the past and love to know how the society was and how the economies worked you can land up in the archaeological department of India or any university, you can do research as well.

Psychologist – If you like to know about the human mind and its behaviour, humanities has a psychology subject for you. It studies experiences, behaviours, and mental processes which affect human behaviour. You can work in various organizations like army, police, self practice, hospital, NGOs etc.

Literature – If you are fascinated by romanticism, you can choose to become a writer.

Mass communication – This a very good career option, here in you need to have understanding of history, society, geography to perform better.

Fashion designing – This is a well known career option, fine arts and drawing will aid you in building a career in this field.

Travel and tourism industry – If you love various languages and have interest in history this is a great career option for you and has good scope.

Law – If you wish to become a law practitioner then political science will make your base.

Along with these there are many options like hotel management, Cartography, Heritage Management, Social Service, Population Science, Linguistics, Hospitality Industry, Philosophy, interior Designing, Performing arts etc.

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