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Science, Arts or Commerce – Which One to Go for After CBSE 10th Board Exam?

Many students are stuck in a dilemma of which stream to choose after the 10th board exams. This is a frequent confusion that most students have once their tenth-grade results are out. There are few students who have a clear idea of what stream they want to choose after 10 CBSE board exams. On the other hand, many students are perplexed and unsure about their job options after completing class ten. The importance of picking the right path cannot be overstated. Every niche has a plethora of options; however, one should always choose the stream (Science, Arts or Commerce) based on their personal preferences.

The following information of the three streams and career will help you in getting a clear understanding of which stream to choose after 10th-


Subjects in the Science stream include both scientific theory and practical concepts. These topics provide students with an in-depth elaboration of the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the physical world around us and also help them develop analytical and problem-solving skills.

Career Prospects- Engineering, research and medical positions are just a few of the career opportunities available in science. For parents and students, it is the most popular stream because of the career aspect when seen from monetary benefits and the future of the child. Another main benefit of choosing the science stream is that it allows you to switch from science to business or science to the arts after 12th grade.

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Arts is a wide stream that proffers various career options to the students. Arts has a variety of subjects such as History, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, Computers and Psychology etc. Arts is a broad topic of study that encompasses anything from the humanities to languages. At both the high school and college levels, these disciplines are classified as core or electives.

Career Prospects- After choosing the Arts stream, students have wide career options. Those who are involved in academic research choose Arts and humanities. Choosing Arts after 10th would be a great choice if you want to learn more about humanity. The core subjects for Arts students are political science, economics, history and geography. Arts today offers a variety of employment options that are profitable in monetary ways too.


After choosing this, finance, taxation, auditing and accounting are only a few of the domains covered by commerce. With the growing changes in global trade and business, this course provides excellent and lucrative opportunities.

Career Prospects- For business, commerce is the greatest option. If numbers, finances, and economics are your area of interest, commerce is the field for you. Commerce students have a greater range of career alternatives, including Chartered Accountant, MBA, and banking investment. Accountancy, economics, and financing are some of the skills you should possess to have a bright career in Commerce.

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Final Thoughts

All three streams offer profitable career prospects. The selection of streams depends on individual preferences and interests. However, if you are looking for coaching for classes 11 and 12, you can contact Aspirations Institute for coaching classes in Delhi.

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